VITO Risk and Race game

Are you a lecturer, in-company trainer or consultant and is circular economy one of your topics? Then you will probably have noticed that it is not easy to build an inspiring and interactive discussion about a topic as complex and multi-faceted as circular economy. To go beyond the conventional lecture-style presentation, we developed Risk & RACE, a serious boardgame about entrepreneurship and circular economy.


In the Risk & RACE game, up to 8 players experiment with entrepreneurial decision making, resource efficiency strategies and circular economy business models, guided by a game moderator.  The game offers an exciting and hands-on experience with the opportunities and challenges of the circular economy and triggers conversation, brainstorming and discussion about circular entrepreneurship. And of course, it is also fun and challenging, just as a game should be!


Throughout the gameplay, players will gain insight into:

  • the difference between linear and circular business models
  • circular economy strategies, such as circular product design, recycling and remanufacturing
  • circular business models, such as pay-per-use, take-back systems and life time extension
  • the effects of investments on their business performance and resilience against external events

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Date and time:

Wednesday 27 february, 09:00 -13:00



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