Soil+Land Stewardship

Future Scenarios for Soil Care through Soil+Land Stewardship

"We are all interested in the future,
for that is where you and I are going to
spend the rest of our lives."

- Woody Allen

Soils take care of your future!

‘Soil care’ or ‘caring for soil’ is a social task of great importance. Not only for the well-being of our current society and environment, but also for all future generations.

Curious about the future?

When we look at the future, we often feel uncertain and perhaps also powerless. What will the future look like? What will happen? And also: what role is set aside for soil care? What choices should we make now to build a good future for everyone, and for soil in particular? How can we become (better) soil stewards and tackle this common challenge together?

To find answers to these questions in an evidence-based way, we developed informed and plausible stories about the future of Soil+Land Stewardship* using the scenario methodology. These future stories are accompanied by illustrations that depict the different storylines in an engaging way.

Our scenario exercise produced 3 stories: In Scenario 1 ‘Save Our Soils’, the conditions for soil care and stewardship are challenging and full of obstacles. In this scenario, the soil stewards will necessarily take on an activist role. In contrast, in Scenario 3 ‘Operation Soil’, the policy context is more favourable and bottom-up soil stewardship is supported and balanced by a top-down, systemic approach. Scenario 2 ‘We Are Soil’ outlines a mixed context in between the two previous extremes with a bioregional approach.  

These three future scenarios will help us to outline a shared Soil care policy and Stewardship path together with our partners and stakeholders. 

From "what is" to "what if”. 

Now, up to you to dive into the wonderful world of future scenario thinking!

=> Imagine that you are an activist steward writing and spreading the manifesto of Scenario 1.

=> Play the board game as a steward of your own bioregion in Scenario 2.

=> Feel like a strategic steward and plot global bottom-line actions in Scenario 3.

Nothing is impossible if you imagine and do it together! Turn your dreams into actions!

We wish you lots of reading and wandering pleasure!!

* By Soil+Land Stewardship we mean "activating everyone to take up soil care through his/her own daily practice".

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