Soil and land as a valuable resource

Soil and land are valuable and vital, but also finite (very slowly renewable) resources that due to their essential functions for people, planet and profit have to be used in a sustainable way. Workshop proposals could dive into cases where land and soil are dealt with in a circular way, taking into account their different functions. 

  • Soil and sediment as a provider of vital ecosystem services (food, water, climate regulation, etc.) e.g. with cases on implementing circular soil and land management: natural water system, urban farming systems, permaculture, agroforestry, erosion control, combat desertification, nutrient recycling, nature based solutions, irrigation systems, reforestation, conservation agriculture, crop and livestock integrated farming systems, among others.
  • Land as the spatial platform for all societal activities, e.g. with cases on circular land use safeguarding open space and resilient land: value creation by circular and integrated brownfield and blackfield redevelopment (including temporary use, new business models), circular territorial development and urban metabolism, ELFM² (enhanced landfill mining and management)
  • Land as the provider of materials and energy: Excavated soil/sediment as secondary raw (building) material. Geothermal energy as provider of green energy, e.g. with cases on: safe reuse of excavated soil and sediment, traceability, land reclamation, geothermal energy, etc.
  • Land and soil as the grounding of our whole ecosystem that need to be protected in order to safeguard global and long term balance, e.g. with cases on: land and soil stewardship building, socioeconomic processes to support closing loops in order to protect soil and land quality: awareness raising, capacity building, stakeholder participation and decision-making, citizen science, knowledge brokers, global land use planning & metabolism, etc.

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