Relive this year’s ENSOr online symposium – Save the date of ENSOr 2021

  • 22 oktober 2020

ENSOr 2020: the COVID-edition

Due to the COVID-19 outbreak, the second ENSOr symposium had to be rescheduled to Spring 2021. Alternatively, a free online symposium was offered. More than 180 participants from 22 countries followed an online blend of lectures on policy and presentations on science and technology.

PFAS in the spotlight

Again there was a lot of attention for the PFAS substance group (Per Fluor Alkylated Substances). Since the last edition there is a lot of new knowledge and insight about the PFAS problem. Seventeen speakers from six different countries and from various sectors presented the main lines of these new insights. In the concluding debate, sector leaders presented their reflections. There is a great deal of attention from policy, science, experts and contractors as well as from the business world who invest in research and approach.

Plenty of challenges ahead

When it comes to managing CEC’s in soil, there’s still a long way to go. In addition to PFAS, attention must also be paid to plastics, pesticides, antibiotics and other contaminants.

In other words, sufficient material to focus on in a next edition of ENSOr. 

So SAVE THE DATE FOR THE ONLINE ENSOr symposium on 6-7 May 2021.

You can review the presentations and video recordings of the 2020 Online ENSOr symposium at: