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The Brownfield button refers to the Brownfield Opportunity Matrix (see description below).

What is the Brownfield Opportunity Matrix?

The Brownfield Opportunity Matrix (BOM) is developed within the HOMBRE project (Holistic Management of Brownfield Regeneration) under the European Union’s Seventh Programme for research, technological development and demonstration. The HOMBRE BOM plots Soft Re-use interventions (e.g. risk assessment, soil management) against Services that such an Intervention may provide. In this way, the value of applying the Interventions either on their own, or in synergy with other interventions is demonstrated. The goal of the BOM is to encourage redevelopment of Brownfield land in order to re-enter it into the land-use cycle.

The BOM intends to support users in optimising the soft-reuse of the land. More specifically, it aims to identify opportunities for additional services and benefits that brownfield projects can deliver. In that way, their overall value and also attractiveness for investment can be increased. The BOM can be used in the following ways:

  • To explore new ideas or to add extra value to existing ideas;
  • To show the range of services that can be provided by different brownfield interventions;
  • To assist discussions on how different interventions could be adapted or extended;
  • To provide a standard framework for cost/benefit or sustainability assessment;
  • To provide a standard framework for validation of project design and implementation.

How to use the Brownfield Opportunity Matrix?

The BOM exists in two different variants:

  1. A simple version which provides an overview of interventions and the services that they deliver, along with links to examples in practice.
  2. A more detailed version which reviews potential for added value and provides links to additional information.

The BOM is Excel based and within the tool, more information and instructions on the usage of the tool are included.

Why is the Brownfield Opportunity Matrix included in the Orion tool?

Although the BOM was designed for the analysis of Brownfield lands, it can also be used for the assessment of the opportunities at landfills, as landfills can be seen as a form of brownfields with their own specific characteristics. Whether or not a landfill mining project is started, the value creation from the landfill as a brownfield site should be maximised. The BOM can assist the user in maximising the opportunities for value creation on a landfill.

The Brownfield Ground Risk Calculator

The Brownfield Ground Risk Calculator is an award winning spatial decision support tool for understanding ground conditions and is developed by the British Geological Survey (BGS). "The Brownfield Ground Risk Calculator is a digital planning tool presented in a geographical information system (GIS). The Calculator has been developed to understand and communicate the scale of risk and cost associated with brownfield ground conditions. The conditions considered are above and beyond those expected when normal development conditions prevail - these are often referred to as 'abnormals'. The ground conditions considered by the Calculator include:

  1. soil and groundwater contamination; and
  2. land stability and ground gases.

The Calculator is designed to inform decisions made early in the planning process by public bodies, developers and land owners. Decisions made early on in this process, can affect the economic viability of building new homes on brownfield land, this includes any land that has a record of having been previously developed, including waste disposal or mineral extraction activities."


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