Ms. Christine Levêque

Mrs. Christine-Leveque-SUEZ

Christine is Director Business Innovation for the business unit Recycling & Recovery Benelux and Germany at SUEZ.  In her function, Christine leads a team of developers facilitating and accelerating the emergence of new circular business ventures.  The last years have seen her successfully focussing on projects related to the recycling of plastics.

Christine holds a Master’s degree in Mechanical Engineering from the U-Mons Polytechnical faculty in Belgium.  From the revamping of nuclear power plants to the develoment of biogas stations, Christine spent half of her career taking care of the energy resources, before making the move towards the material resources and associated waste recycling business.

Christine lives in Belgium with her husband and two children, in a country where she hopes to see all packaging plastics being soon collected selectively in an apart bin for material recycling, as it is already the case in the Netherlands and Germany.

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