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LIFE NARMENA is a project of the Flemish government funded by the European Commission. LIFE+ is the name of the European Commission's co-financing programme for the development, implementation, monitoring and evaluation of European environmental and nature policy.

The Public Flemish Waste Agency (OVAM) is the coordinator of the project and responsible for the implementation in collaboration with the Agency for Nature and Forests and Natuurpunt, the owners and managers of the nature areas. The Flemish Environment Agency, as watercourse manager of the Laak and the Winterbeek, is also a partner in this project. Our expert partners in the field of soil research and remediation, phytoremediation and eco-modelling are respectively ABO NV, Bio2Clean bvba and ARCHE Consulting cvba. Be sure to visit the websites of our partners.

For the implementation of NARMENA, we also cooperate with local governments, employers' organisations, relevant academic institutions, interest groups, nature associations, local residents and many other stakeholders.

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logo ovamPublic Waste Agency of Flanders (OVAM) 

OVAM (Public Waste Agency of Flanders) is the principal authority in Flanders (BE) for sustainable management of waste, materials and soil. We direct policy on these matters and thus influence the implementation of the legislation. OVAM coordinates the NARMENA project.


ABO Consultancy logoABO NV

ABO is an established consultancy and engineering company with a focus on environmental services. The major business line of ABO is and has always been contaminated land; other business lines include environmental management, asbestos, sustainable development and sustainability assessments, geotechnical surveys and archaeology. ABO focusses on engineering and consultancy, and also offers fieldwork and testing services, laboratory services and a select range of specialized contracting works.


natuur en bos anb logoAgency for Nature and Forests (ANB)

ANB of the Flemish ministry of the environment, nature and energy is the competent public authority in the Flemish region for nature conservation and forestry policy. ANB works on a daily basis to conserve, protect and develop nature sites, forests and parks.


arche_consulting logoARCHE  Consulting cvba

ARCHE Consulting is a consultancy firm with a large experience in performing environmental risk assessments for substances and for metals in particular. Its experts hold a unique track record in the field of environmental toxicology, exposure modelling and the preparation of risk assessment dossiers in general. The experts working at ARCHE Consulting have built up in-depth knowledge on assessing risks of chemicals in the environment during both the predecessor of the REACH regulation as on the preparation of Chemical Safety Assessments/report in the framework of the REACH regulation.

Bio2clean logoBio2Clean bvba

Bio2clean is a spin-off from Hasselt University and advises on the remediation of soil and groundwater in a way that is as environmentally responsible and qualitative as possible. They especially have unique expertise in the feasibility test of and the implementation on site of phytoremediation/-stabilisation (immobilizing heavy metals in soil).


natuurpunt logoNatuurpunt vzw 

Natuurpunt is an independent nature association that aims to protect, manage, and restore nature reserves in Flanders. They are responsible for the management and nature experience in some 500 natural reserves in Flanders. In addition, the health of Flemish nature is monitored in a large number of specialized study groups. As a widely supported and politically independent civil society organization, Natuurpunt is an important advocate for more and better nature.


Samenwerkingslogo VMMFlemish Environmental Agencyij (VMM)

VMM plays a crucial role in integrated water policy. They measure and verify the quantity and quality of water, manage water systems, collect charges on water pollution and groundwater extraction, advice on environmental permits and take care of the planning and supervision of the treatment infrastructure, amongst others.

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