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NAture-based Remediation of MEtal pollutants in Nature Areas to increase water storage capacity

In the LIFE project NARMENA, seven partners search for solutions for historical metal pollution in river sediment and soils. We will evaluate two types of non-invasive, nature-based remediation methods, in which we integrate soil and sediment remediation with nature conservation and water storage for flood risk management.

Grote Calie
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The Grote Calie, a side river in the Aa basin, is contaminated with chromium downstream of a former tannery in Oud-Turnhout. Two types of nature-based remediation techniques are planned on the banks of the Grote Calie, just before and within the valuable nature reserve Winkelsbroek. read more ...


The Winterbeek, part of the Demer basin, is strongly contaminated with heavy metals and chlorides, through years of industrial discharges. A NARMENA pilot project will be carried out in the Scherpenheuvel-Zichem subarea of the Winterbeek. Here we foresee a free water surface constructed wetland. read more ...

Grote Laak
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The Grote Laak, a watercourse that flows into the Grote Nete, is contaminated with cadmium, arsenic and radium, among others. On the floodplains of the confluence of the Laak, the impact of artificial wetlands will be tested within the framework of LIFE NARMENA. read more ...


 NARMENA is supported by the LIFE programme of the European Union.

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You don’t know our project yet? Here you can find a brief description. read more ...

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