German Federal Ministry for the Environment (UBA) presents guideline Remediation management for local and wide-spread PFAS contamination

  • 2 februari 2021

Resource for German authorities…

In Germany, several guidelines and methodological approaches for the identification, investigation, and evaluation of PFAS-contaminated sites were already present. However, comparable guidelines for remediation of local and wide-spread PFAS contamination remained unavailable.

The aim of the guideline "Remediation management for local and wide-spread PFAS contamination", which has been developed on account of the German Federal Ministry for the Environment (UBA) and was drawn up by Arcadis Germany, is first and foremost to serve as a resource for German authorities in the selection, evaluation, and determination of suitable and fitting remedial solutions and management concepts.

…but taking into account the need for international cooperation

In view of the current and environmentally relevant problems caused by PFAS contamination in soil and groundwater, there is an urgent need to share existing knowledge as well as develop new solutions and approaches, both nationally and internationally.

By offering an English translation of the guideline, UBA aims to make the findings and messages from the German research project more visible on a European and international level. In addition, UBA wants to disseminate knowledge, raise awareness and discuss suitable solution concepts and approaches internationally.

Offering more than technical information

A soil remediation operation can raise many questions and also give rise to fear among local residents, especially in the cases of wide-spread PFAS contamination.

Good communication between all parties is important in order to limit commotion and stress among local residents. Even in the event of absence of legal obligation (as is the case in Germany), communicating with and involving local residents and other stakeholders is highly recommended.

Although the guideline focusses on the technical aspects of PFAS remediation management, due attention is given to the aspect of communication.

The English translation of the guideline can be downloaded on the site of the German Umwelt Bundesamt.