Common Forum on Contaminated Land in Europe publishes its PFAS-Memorandum

  • 2 februari 2021

Common Forum on Contaminated Land in Europe

Since the mid 1990’s COMMON FORUM is a European network of contaminated land policy makers, regulators and scientific advisors that tries to facilitate discussion, knowledge exchange and collaboration on policy, research, technical and managerial concepts of contaminated land.

When possible, Common Forum members develop common views and offer expertise to the European Commission and/or other relevant stakeholder networks. In addition, Common Forum collaborates with the main European and International networks or initiatives operating in the field of contaminated land.

Contaminated Land in Europe


As known, PFAS cause significant risks to human health and the environment. Despite this, it remains difficult to define critical loads and set environmental quality standards, especially since regulation would be highly impacting land and soil management practices.

PFOA FREECommon Forum strongly believes that existing uncertainties can only be resolved if Europe joins forces to tackle a number of pending questions and fill numerous research gaps. Key requirements are:

a) Establishing high standard risk assessment

b) Refining and validating risk-based modelling by initiating biomonitoring studies,

c) Coordinating transnational development of remediation methods and integrated management approaches

d) Alternatives to active technical rehabilitation measures must be developed and integrated into policy frames and legislation.

e) A harmonisation of European and national regulatory approaches for soil, waste and groundwater

The complete tekst of the Common Forum PFAS-Memorandum and its annexes can be found on the site of CF.