World Resources Forum 2019 is organised by The Public Waste Agency of Flanders (OVAM), the principal authority in the Belgian region of Flanders for sustainable management of waste, materials and soils. OVAM uses its expertise on waste, materials and soils worldwide to help shape international policy.

Together with citizens, companies and fellow governments OVAM has turned Flanders into a leading region when it comes to the sustainable management of waste, materials and soils in the last several decades. To maintain this leading position, OVAM is now moving up a gear, with expanding the circular economy in Flanders, in which a sustainable management of waste, materials and soil provides new resources, materials and space.

World Resources Forum (WRF) is the Swiss-based independent non-profit international organization that serves as a platform connecting and fostering knowledge exchange on resources management amongst business leaders, policy-makers, NGOs, scientists and the public. WRF organizes high-level international conferences and capacity-building workshops, disseminates relevant research findings and scientific discussions, works on setting standards for sustainable resource use, improving global governance on raw materials, and implements programs on sustainable recycling and sustainable design and retailtrade worldwide.

WRF is committed to the inclusiveness of economic growth and elimination of poverty and marginalization, thus making these issues a core element in its objectives.

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